Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rhiannons Confirmation

Rhiannon had her Confirmation last night. It was a wonderful day. It started with a funny phone call from her Uncle Joe and Auntie Rhonda at breakfast. They had Cian, Rhiannon's toddler cousin, trying to say hello on the phone. He managed to repeat "Hello" "Rhiannon" and "Love you" in the cutest voice which had Rhiannon in stitches laughing. When Joe asked him to say goodbye the phone was silent, he had decided to wave at it instead!

Rhiannon had a normal day at school and was bursting with excitement when she got home. She tore open a card from Nanny and Grandad in Wales that had arrived in that days post - perfect timing! She then ran around helping me to set up the table for that nights celebration dinner. It was a mad mixture of different candles, serviettes, sparkly name cards with orange fluorescent writing on them. A very colourful and unusual looking table but very Rhiannon!

Anne joined us for tea and we had pizza, garlic bread, salad, corn on the cob and garlic baked potatoes. For dessert we had trifles that had been made up in individual glasses. We finished them off with a big swirl of cream and loads of mini marshmallows and sprinkles!

When the meal was finished Rhiannon opened up a beautiful silver frame from Anne with a lovely message engraved on it, then she ran upstairs and got changed into her special clothes. At 6 she was hovering next to the phone waiting for Granny and Grandad Joes phonecall! She opened their gifts while she was talking to them so that she could share her excitement. They gave her some beautiful Irish silver Claddagh earrings and a pendant. The Claddagh is an Irish symbol for everlasting love.
The next phone call was from Auntie Carrie in Dublin who sent her a beautiful book of prayers with gorgeous watercolour pictures. We had to drag her away from the book to do her hair for the ceremony.

The actual ceremony was really lovely. Anne was Rhiannon's Sponsor and went up with her for the actual sacrament. I was sponsor to a wonderful little girl Sophie. She is Mark and Monica's daughter and is a great friend of Rhiannon's. I was really chuffed to be asked and really enjoyed going up with Sophie when it was her turn. We weren't allowed to take any photos until after the ceremony and then were allowed one photo each with Bishop Michael.

It was late getting home, 9pm which is way past Gareth's bedtime. He was nodding off in the car on the way home! It was a wonderful evening and Rhiannon really enjoyed every minute of it.

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