Thursday, June 05, 2008

Wobbly tooth, messy room.

Rhiannon has had a wobbly tooth for about a month now. Every day we get a run down on its "wobblyness" and are offered a chance to stick our fingers in her mounth to give it a wiggle. It has been so wobbly for so long that every day we think "This will be the day it comes out"

In preparation for the tooth fairy's visit Rhiannon has spent a long time in her room setting up her little dolls houses and other small toys into a virtual holiday resort for her fairy. There are notes and pretend meals, a bed, and lots of "My littlest pet shop" characters all waiting for her.

Rhiannon is so protective about how her room has been set up that she has banned any of us from entering.

I could tolerate this for a few days but this ban on entering her room has been going on for over two weeks now and the room has moved from magic-fairy-wonderland to total messy dump! We trip over discarded toys and dirty uniforms as we try to tuck her in to bed at night (the only time we are allowe to enter) I no longer set out the next days uniform for her as she goes to bed, there just isn't any available carpet to lay it out on ...

If this tooth doesn't hurry up and fall out (and believe me I have had a few big "tugs" ) then I am going to have to call men in protective suits to come fumigate it....

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