Tuesday, November 11, 2008

..and more pics.

Day two over and done with and I'm physically exhausted.

Today was a full theatre list so lots more pushing beds, running up stairs two at a time and mopping theatre floors at high speed while the next patient was waiting to be wheeled in.

I am getting the hang of pushing the large rubbish skips through the basement corridors at speed, just God help anyone behind any of the swing doors as I come hurtling through!

I think I am holding my own now. I shared the workload fairly evenly with the other wardsman, despite the fact that he really is a wardsman, about 2 foot taller than me and with a few more muscles. I even managed to get given the job of holding unconcious legs up high in the air while the surgeons cleaned them down and draped them in sterile wraps, a job I was deemed not strong enough for yesterday but they decided to give me a go today. My arms were nearly falling out of their sockets by the time I could let go but at least I managed!

I'm off to make a cup of tea now and see if there is anything in the freezer for dinner...

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