Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Melbourne Cup 2008

Melbourne Cup. The race that stops a nation. The day when women all over Australia get dressed up and meet for lunch, champagne and a little flutter on the horses.

I wasn't due to work on Tuesday so arranged a last minute lunch at my house. Most of my friends here in Australia have started going back to the workplace over the last couple of years so I wasn't expecting many to be free.

Despite it being short notice a few of us had a great lunch and as always a great laugh, even setting the camera up on a tripod for some self portraits! (after fixing up the lippy in the mirror of course!)

Friends who were working said they would come over after work and so when the school bus pulled up about half the kids poured out the door and down the steps shouting and laughing and making a bee-line for our front door!

The noise and excitement of the next couple of hours cannot be done justice by a few photos on a blog. It was crazy, ear-splitting, fun, fun, fun!

The swimming pool was like soup!

...and a bounce on the trampoline at the end to warm up again!

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