Friday, November 07, 2008

School Assembly

Rhiannon was in the school's "Talent Quest" last week with her friend Natalie. They sang a song about nagging their Dad for a puppy. As the Talent Quest was running out of time each act was cut short to about 1 minute each. Apparently the kids were disappointed not to have sung the full song and the teacher told me that they were going to let Rhiannon, Natalie and Rhys do the whole thing again at this Fridays school assembly. I decided to go along and watch and brought my camera with me.

Before they did their song the principle gave out awards for good behaviour that week.

I was really excited when one of Rhiannon's friends Ellie got a Merit award.

Out came the camera and I took a photo to email her Mum.

Then Ellie's sister Maddie also got a Merit award.

Out came the camera again.

The next name called out was Sophie. Wonderful, funny Sophie. One of Rhiannon's very good friends.

A girl with great wisdom and judgement (did I mention that she chose me to be her sponsor last year for her Confirmation!)
Monica loves photos so out came the camera again!

Next was the Principles award. An award given out for exceptional achievement. The lead up to the announcement was long and wordy, and finally the name of the Award winner...


Wow! The excitement! Need I say that the camera came out again.

And finally, the moment I had been waiting for. Rhiannon, Natalie and Rhys mimed their hearts out and had everyone laughing along to their "Talent Quest" performance "Daddy can I have a puppy..?"

Worth waiting for!

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