Sunday, November 09, 2008


It's a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Here is the view from my front door.....

Please note the "Britz" campervan on the kerb.

Here is the view from my back door.....

Please note the extra male on the swing seat.

Yes, The Baynham B+B has "No Vacancies" tonight as we have Chris Johnson, one of Mr B's college friends stopping over on his Around-Australia-watching-the-Rugby-League-World-Cup holiday! Chris comes complete with his very healthy friend Rich who is in training for the Ironman competition in Perth in a few weeks time. Rich has decided to forfeit the afternoon vegging by the pool in favour of a 3 hour cycle? It takes all types I guess....

As I type Byron and Chris are waking out the front door to go get in some supplies for tonight. I am hoping Byron means extra bread rolls and sausages for the barbie but I think he might have meant liquid supplies from the bottle shop. I am working this evening and then start my new job in theatre at 7 in the morning so Mr B will be in charge of feeding the kids tonight and getting them into school the morning.

I hope he remembers that as he fills up the shopping basket with "essentials" !

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  1. Ok, I just checked your blog, it's Saturday here,and I realized you already told me what happens fair!