Sunday, March 01, 2009

6 Feckin Euro

Hi, I'm 6 Feckin Euro. I came from a distant Celtic land. I was wrapped carefully in bubble wrap by Granny in Dublin and then some green tissue paper and then sent on a terrifying journey in a plane, postman's van and finally postman's motorbike until I was freed by my new owner Mr B.

I arrived in my new home on a day of excitement and celebrations. My new owners were waving flags and pinning daffodils to their red tops. I think it must have been in celebration of my arrival.

I decided to take my new owners on a journey to Hunter Valley Gardens for a day of chilling out.

First stop was to refuel these humans big blue box that they travel in. Clearly they are a lesser developed species than us dragons or they would just fly.

We passed a sign that hadn't taken travelling Dragons into consideration when they decided it was "Moderate" Fire danger, I'll show 'em!

When we arrived at our destination the first stop was for some caffeine and chocolate. I sat back and soaked up some rays while they refuelled.

Next we went to a candle shop where I showed off my fire breathing skills.

Off to another gift shop where I met some friendly locals.

The local birds were pretty hot!

Finally, I bumped into some relatives and blended right in.

This fella was called 30 Feckin Euro, I wasn't too impressed, feckin' showoff.

I was a bit worried when I saw this cooking sauce, maybe my new owners had plans for me? Gulp?

Luckily they needed refuelling again so we went on a drive to Harrigans Irish Pub.

A big swig of the Black Stuff,

A great Beef and Guinness pie

Green jelly and ice-cream to finish off

A swig of Uisce Beatha

Felt a little rough

A coffee to steady the head

and finally time to hit the road home driving along a very appropriately named road...

Yeah, I think I fit in here just fine!


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  1. Glad to see you arrived safely and settled into your new home so well, if you thought that was a fun day wait until March 17th! J,G & C xxx