Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Postcard from Cathy

Oh Cathy, you know me so well. What a great postcard you sent! It makes me want to curl up and sleep right now.

In fact having come in from a morning shift in the hospital, via school to pick up three tired crabby kids, into a house that could do with more than a little spit and polish, your postcard brought a smile to my face.

I marched upstairs peeling off my crumpled uniform and got into soft pink pj's.

Only problem now is that 4pm is just a little bit too early to go to bed and start dreaming!

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  1. PLEASE don't encourage her Cathy....

  2. Sorry Byron, but didn't you promise to make her dreams come true?? Better get your Marigolds on and get your hands on the Fairy! (No, that's not a euphomism!)