Monday, March 02, 2009

Jelly Beans and Martini glasses!

I am not working today and am in full preparation mode for Sian's Birthday party on Saturday.

We were at a 21st birthday party this weekend and Sian thought it was the coolest party EVER! She helped to make the punch which involved a bottle of bubbly. All the other ingredients were so sweet and delicious so we are going to make a non-alcoholic version of it using lemonade.

Hopefully it will be a party that involves lots of dancing around to music more than kiddy party games. We will be dialling out for Pizza and having bowls of snacks and pop corn to nibble on. Thanks to Tania and her cup-cake email during the week we have decided to make chocolate mega muffins in silver cup cases, drizzled with dark cocoa sauce and decorated with bright pink sprinkles and use them to spell out V.I.P. which is the theme for the party.

Do you still give party bags to tweenies? They are a bit grown up for party blowers, pencil toppers and packs of cards. We decided to go with the V.I.P. party theme and today I got some plastic Martini glasses, filled them with jelly beans and covered them with gladwrap and tied them with curling ribbon.

They look great. All I need to do now is to avoid the temptation of picking at them before Saturday!

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