Sunday, May 15, 2011

Don't bother reading this post unless you want to laugh at me.

This weekend I was involved in something a bit embarrassing. I was asked to help out with a fundraiser in our kids school/church community. How could I say no? Even when what I was asked to do came with a high mortification factor?

In some ways being asked was a compliment. I was asked to be a model in a Fashion Show. The downside? The clothes were aimed at... a somewhat older age group. Like add on a decade, or two. And how I was asked? Well I wasn't even first choice, someone else dropped out. In fact it was worded something like this.... "Oh please, we are desperate...."

I think I would have got away with it if my lovely friend Monica hadn't been in earshot as I was asked. Because if Monica hadn't sent around a global email to all our friends encouraging them to come laugh at me support the fundraiser then no-one would even have had to know. No-one would have taken photos.

Which I have copies of.

Right here.

But I'm not sure I want to share them.

I mean who wants to see me dressed up in clothing better suited to my mother? Who would want to laugh at me wearing the purple stripy bat wing sweater that made Monica literally cry with laughter?

I know you wouldn't.

Would you....

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  1. You can't tease us like this Gina! You have to share the photos....

  2. I would like to see you in your runway debut. :)

  3. I will sign the waiver...WHATEVER~ I have got to see the pictures! Bring them on! I will only laugh with you....Ha

  4. I want to cry with laughter Gina, so go ahead post the pictures!! Did you get your skirt tucked into your granny-hose too? ;-) You are a brave girl my dear. xxx

  5. This is a post full of humour, thank you for the good laugh!

  6. What a great story - did you have to wear granny shoes too?

  7. Me waving my hands over here in the, me, me...I want to see!!! Kim