Saturday, May 21, 2011

One second of fame!

Rhiannon and her friend recently sent a home movie in to the children's tv channel Nickelodeon. It was to audition for a wacky show called Camp Orange. You had to do zany things and show that you were game for a laugh. Unfortunately they didn't qualify for the program but the tv show sent them a message to keep watching as many of the audition clips will be shown over the coming weeks.

Today Rhiannon and Gareth nearly screamed the house down when they saw Rhiannon and her friend appear on screen! A one second image from their video was shown as part of the build up to the audition clips being shown early next month.  They managed to record the ad and we got a grainy movie clip on my phone. They are so excited. Not quite 15 minutes of fame, more like one second, but very exciting for these wanna-be wild kids!

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  1. That is so cool, how exciting being on the tv something to remember for sure. xo

  2. That is so so fun!! Thank goodness for dvr's so that you can go back and rewind the tv!! Awesome!

  3. The kids will have a great memory of having a second of fame! :)

  4. How awesome is that!!!!!! :)

    ~ Wendy