Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Glenrock Lagoon.

This time of the year in Australia the heat has gone from the sun. It is still warm(ish) but the air is fresher and we no longer have to slap on sunscreen before getting dressed every morning. The perfect weather for going out walking. Less chance of getting caught out in blazing heat and having to carry huge volumes of water for hydration.

And so on a recent sunny day we decided to do a walk in a rugged rainforest called Glenrock Lagoon. It is a two kilometre steep downward walk through the rainforest, some of it on steps and some over rough rocks and tree roots.

It ends as you walk through the thinning tree cover into the sunshine and find your feet walking on sandy ground and finally a magnificent lagoon on an isolated golden beach.
We had two of the girls friends join us because their Mum was working. We knew that the weather forecast mentioned showers and so we all had waterproof jackets and sensible footwear. When we got to the beach the sky was darkening over and there was a brisk wind. The kids took off their shoes and ran around catching tiny crabs, climbing the cliff and throwing stones into the lagoon.

Maybe this is where I should sign off and leave you with this great impression of Australian Autumn. Because this is when the heavens opened. The rain came down like someone had turned on a giant shower. It rained so hard and fast we couldn't get our rain jackets out of our bags and on ourselves before the rain had soaked us! We then started the two kilometre walk back uphill to the car. This time the rocks were incredibly slippery underfoot. The rainforest looked so different as the foliage came to life in a shiny rainbow of greens and oranges.
As I tried to take a photo here and there without the camera getting soaking I was slipping further and further behind the kids who kept a good pace so I put the camera back inside the safety of my jacket and quickened my pace to join them. They were great. While Byron and myself felt and looked like drowned rats the kids saw the adventure in it all. They didn't complain (much!) and were still grinning when we reached the car park. Ours was the only car left there and we jumped in and drove home with the heat on full blast, windows fogging up and promises of Hot Chocolate and marshmallows when we got home!

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  1. Oh what fun:) It looks like a beautiful place to visit Gina and the kids sounded like they had a ball. Glad you all went home and got warm again with a yummy hot chocolate. xo

  2. Got to love Autumn here in Australia...
    I think because you know that the rain will soon pass and the sun shines again it isn't such a drama when the heavens open is it?
    Just been catching up a bit on posts and I've got to say that the black and white photo that Rhiannon took of you is beautiful.

  3. What a truely spectacular looking place...that's what I love about Australia, there is so many different landscapes and attractions to be seen.
    Looks and sounds like you all had a fab day :)

  4. It is trips like those that create the most memories...remember when we got "soaked"!

    Sounds like a great time and just beautiful scenery!

    With Hope,

  5. WOW what a fab walk , looks fantastic , yeah what fun to be in a huge shower .. I can just imagine you trying to get your jackets out , I always end up laughing when that happens .. :-) :-)

  6. What a beautiful place Gina although I did smile to myself as I imagined you in the pouring rain taking your camera out to get a shot of the colours of leaves!!! You really are one in a million xxxxx

  7. Sounds like an adventure ~ I love those types of days. :)

  8. Ahh yes! This is the Autumn I remember years ago before anyone knew the term el nino. But now apparently this is la nina . . . I call it typical unpredictable aussie autumn - doesn't quite roll off the tongue like la nina though. Beautiful post! xx