Monday, May 30, 2011


Gareth got some interesting homework this week. I was very interested in reading what he thought about me. Particularly my hobbies. Not sure when I last went fishing and I love that he thinks I exercise every day. More like once a month at the moment! I'm so looking forward to this weekend when I plan on dusting down my bike and cycling to the local jetty for a spot of fishing and then maybe a little jog before coming home to relax in front of Masterchef!

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  1. This is wonderful...and who knew your hair was as short as his dad's grass!?! Wonderful!! I love reading what our kids think of us...who knew right? :)

  2. That is really sweet Gina:) I love his descriptions of you and how he fondly talks about how both of you are the best Mum and son. It's wonderful to see through their eyes. xo

  3. I have learned so much about you today Gina!! I had no idea you were FAST, or NORMAL in HEIGHT! I knew you were funny and now I know your son thinks you are too! He sees in you all the important things a mum should be~ lucky you!!

  4. What a great story Gina...I love Gareth's description of you, and seeing you through your son's eyes.
    Such a precious keepsake.


  5. L.O.V.E. this! What a great keepsake to be cherished for sure!

  6. Perhaps I should ease up in the garden...

  7. You have to frame this - priceless!

  8. i loved this homework too seeing what Kayla thought of mei will have to share it with you its soo funny but goergous