Tuesday, May 17, 2011

To Monica.

A true friend. 
One who just could not let me be alone during my modelling debut. 
A friend who emailed and persuaded other true friends to join in on the afternoon of pure hilarity. 
A friend who brought her camera along so that the moment could be captured for all time. 
Monica, I cannot wait for an opportunity to repay you...!
...and the least said about the purple stripes the better. 
It's the one that reduced Monica to tears!
I'm thinking it would make a great Birthday present for her next month...

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  1. Gina that is too funny .. you have made my day. good to speak to you the other day! (although if I see you in any of that fabulous fashion again friendship ties may need to be cut!!) xxxx

  2. My dear friend Gina,

    Of course we, your friends, only went along to support the fundraiser and the fact that you happened to be there added to the afternoon!

    When a lady who didn't know you said "oh she has a lovely face" I could only smile and think "yes, I definitely agree, she does have a lovely face, but she sure looks different in those clothes to what she normally wears”.

    For those of you that weren’t there it wasn’t just what Gina wore that made us giggle but her cheeky grins to those of us in the crowd – have a close look at Gina’s face in the red top and black cardigan!!!!!

    Gina you did bring joy to many, especially your cheer squad, and good on you for participating. You were even compared to Elle MacPherson.

  3. What a great sport you are! You made the clothes look good! :)

    Sounds like you have a lot of fun with your friends.

    Thanks for the smiles :)

  4. Gina... you may have missed your true calling! I do love the smile on your face!

  5. Let's just say you are the bravest person I know! Good lord, where did they dig some of those outfits up from? :) Your smile was fabulous!

  6. Good on you Gina .. as they say a true sport ..;-) I do like the black mac look and the photo at the end .. ! oh yes you smiled all the the way through it :-) :-)

  7. You are such a good sport doing that for your friend, you did well and look great too. xo

  8. As Anne in Oxfordshire wrote, the trenchcoat, scarf and jewellery amd some of the others did look great.

    As the compere said "a trenchoat will never go out of fashion". There you are girls - that's today's fashion tip!!

  9. Can you please tell me where I can buy the purple number??? Oh my gosh, this made me laugh!!!! xo,Gina

  10. You're a model! How fun...looks like a good time, even if all of the outfits weren't your favorites!