Friday, October 28, 2011

Entrance Exams.

Rhiannon starts High School next year and this week has been a flurry of preparation. She has had visits from the High School co-ordinator to their class and then a long intro evening at the High School itself so we could be measured for uniforms, buy books and sit in on a talk preparing us all for the changes to come. It is scary times. Although Sian has been in the High School for two years and has settles really well each child is an individual and somehow Rhiannon just seems younger and less street wise and we are probably more nervous of her transition than we were with her big sister. Because she is a Millennium baby she was born in a boom year the school are taking in their highest number of students ever for the 2012 intake. Its going to be a learning curve for everyone, school and home alike!

The biggest day of the week was when she had to sit her actual entrance exams. These will help to place her in a class appropriate to her level. She was very nervous going in to sit these exams and the new school hall looked very formal as it was used for the first time for such a purpose. Rows and rows of tables and chairs and a nervous looking group of kids walking in in single file.

I was lucky to be helping out in Gareth's class that day and I got to see her come out for a break between papers. She was treated to a muffin from the canteen and was much chirpier returning in to the hall for round two.

The best thing about this move to High School is the great group of girls that she will be moving with. Although the friendships are bound to change as they mix in a huge group of 190 students I hope that they will still stay friends.

These days are going by way to fast. Slow down, slow down...

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  1. I can imagine how nervous she would have been, it looks a little daunting in that big hall. I'm glad it all went well. I hear what you are saying about slowing down, boy time goes by so fast and they grow up too quickly. x

  2. Mum was so upset when the day finally came that I started year six,
    she kept on saying
    "wheres my baby gone?".
    Because I'm mum's youngest child she felt sooo old! Poor mum !