Thursday, October 27, 2011

Grandparents Day 2011.

Our kids school has had their first ever Grandparents Day this week. They started with a lovely Liturgy in the church in the school grounds...

...and then we moved to the new big hall to watch a concert by each class year.
They were wonderful. It all finished with a sausage sizzle where the parents and Grandparents could stay and join in the playground fun! 
Our kids have both sets of Grandparents alive but living overseas. On days like this we do miss them badly. The school know that many kids don't have their Grandparents in their day to day lives so they included "grandparents and special family friends" in all the prayers and celebrating. My brothers in-laws live near us and have always stepped in to give a cuddle when needed. Anne was able to join us for the morning and the kids were really happy to see her. 

It was a lovely day and hopefully one that will be repeated next year.

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