Saturday, October 08, 2011

Wales V's Ireland...

...No words required!

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  1. great result, enough said sorry Gina xx

  2. fab picture xx holidays over then?! xx

  3. Very gracious in defeat Mrs B. Xxx

  4. Too funny!

  5. You two are so funny... and cute together! Play nice~

  6. how amusing, this is a great picture!

  7. Gina,

    You never have a grumpy face like that - I can't look at the photo - it is so not you.

  8. Just ask my kids Monica!

  9. I am the original owner of the traveling shoes. I had lost track of them and then found out that they went to Australia. That is crazy cool. I hope that you had some fun adventures. Someday I hope to visit Australia. For now I am satisfied that my shoes made the trip.

  10. Hi Diane.
    Although I was told I would be the next to get the traveling shoes they never did arrive :-(
    If they ever do I will be sure to blog about them!