Sunday, October 02, 2011

Strawberry Fields Forever!

With the rain making it's appearance early this morning and forecast to hang around all day we came strawberry picking in these wonderful rain proof tunnels. When I was a kid in Ireland strawberry picking involved eating one berry for every one that went in your basket. Here there were signs asking us to be honest and wait till they were paid for. The pots of chocolate dipping sauce being sold at the till made it worth the wait!

Rhiannon found a weighing scales so we could see how much of a bill we were building up. The strawberries were being sold for $16 per kg and she thought she would scare the living daylights out if me by leaning on the scales... 7 KILO'S = $112 , NOT!

We sat in the cafe and let the morning tick slowly by as we waited for coffees and let the kids scoff the berries we had just picked. None made it home but we thoroughly enjoyed every one! (and every last smear of the chocolate dipping sauce too!)

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  1. Oh yum! It sounds like heaps of fun. I was thinking about doing this with the girls over the holidays but didn't get round to it, I'll have to try one weekend. x

  2. What a fun way to enjoy the strawberries! I don't know of any farm stand around here that provides a place for eating them dipped in chocolate...sounds yummy!

    With Hope,