Tuesday, October 04, 2011


There are only so many photos the kids will let me take of them. They have struck a deal with me. They will only pose for a "proper" photo if I will then take a daft version of it straight after!

In this photo I have to say that I prefer the daft one by a million miles!

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  1. Great picture! What photo editing software do you use? Thanks for sharing!

    With Hope,

  2. Hi Cheryl
    I took the photo on my iPhone and used a free Photoshop app. All I did was apply the first simple "effect" which brightened and intensified the colours. Then I blogged it straight from the phone. 
    How amazing is modern technology that we can take and share photos so instantly all around the world! I hope life is good with you and you are getting time to spend with your family. 
    Take care

  3. Love it!! Great shot!

  4. Sometimes they are the best ones! :)