Monday, January 06, 2014

06:01:14 The Hook

The Hook Lighthouse in Wexford. A magnificent building that has withstood the harshest of storms over hundreds of years. The lighthouse we walked around on new years eve 1999. Pushing Sian in a buggy, six months pregnant with Rhiannon and waiting for the news that my beloved Grandmother had died. She didn't want to see a new millennium. She had lived a life of love and laughter, firmness and prayer raising her family and had long expressed the desire that God would take her up to heaven so she could be reunited with my Grandad Luddy. We returned to The Hook 6 years later. It was our last night in Ireland before we emigrated to Australia. We did not know it but as we arrived there was an amazing outdoor classical concert about to start. The theme of the concert was emigration and was to recognize all the Irish people who over the years had left Ireland to start their lives in distant lands. The coincidence wasn't lost on us Granny, we do think you and Grandad Luddy may have had a part in that!

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  1. Lovely story~ I am sure your grandparents did have a hand in that bit of magic!