Sunday, January 12, 2014

12:01:14 Blue-Biiiiiirds!

Byron has been a passionate supporter of the Cardiff City football club, the "Bluebirds" since childhood. His weekend moods can dramatically raise and lower depending on the results of his teams current match. He has supported them through thick and thin and has bitten his nails and agonized as he watched them climb the league table over the last few years. 

This year they made into the top division and they are playing against the royalty of the football kingdom. It has always been a dream of his to see them play in their new stadium and when this trip was first tentatively planned he was already checking the 2014 season schedule to see if his dreams were about to come true. 

The benefits of playing such high profile clubs are many but there are drawbacks too. Ticket availability is very tricky. Tickets usually get released to season ticket holders first and only the remaining tickets (if any) will get released to the general public. Byron's nephew Kerry has now elevated himself to hero status as he managed to get his hands on SIX tickets to the game the weekend Byron was in Wales. 

Kerry, Byron, Byron's father Den, brother-in-law Huw, and nephew-in-law Rhys made up five seats and there was one left over. Gareth was chuffed to bits when he was given the final seat. A day out at the football with all the men in the family! I don't know who was the most excited getting ready to go that day! The girls were all dropped in Cardiff and the men then carried on to the football ground.

In Byron's words "Happy Days!"

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