Thursday, January 09, 2014

09:01:14 They call it puppy love...

Walking Harvey the boxer dog was one of the highlights of our time in Wales. If I'm honest we were a little nervous about the idea of being in the same house as such a big dog. We've never owned a dog ourselves and the kids have usually been a bit timid around them in general. We shouldn't have worried. Harvey was just the softest, loveliest dog ever. We all fell in love with him and fought over who's turn it was to hold his lead on some beautiful crisp cold walks he brought us on. The walks gave Byron a chance to talk to the kids about his childhood and to show them places he used to play as a kid. It was real family bonding time. I loved the chance to stop and take photos of the trees that I was so used to seeing growing up but of course do not grow in Australia. Holly trees, Oaks, Sycamores. And of course little streams that had to be explored, fence posts that needed to be sniffed and puddles of rain water to drink!

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