Friday, January 24, 2014

24:01:14 London Eye

Another family selfie. This time while riding high on the London Eye. Big Ben in the background, the River Thames below us and buildings as far as the eye can see. People scuttling around like ants and cars that looked like children's toys from our 135 meter high vantage point. Rhiannon showing off her Union Jack beanie hat that she bought with the last of her holiday money. We must have been in and out of twenty shops trying on various designs and sizes until she found the perfect one. Sian and myself went hatless unless it was the most bitterly cold day. We were too vain to risk getting "hat hair". Byron and Gareth both wore the same hats every single day of the holiday. They were bought as a two pack one-size-fits-all from Primark for 2 Euro in Dublin on our first day. And that my friends just about sums up each of our personalities!

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