Wednesday, January 08, 2014

08:01:14 Julie

It's 8 years since the kids have seen their Auntie Julie. Byron's sister is a few years older than him and has always been the person he turned to for help or advice. She is the most genuinely sympathetic and empathetic person I know. If you are sad she is sad. If you are happy she is happy. She ran around preparing for our visit making up "care packages" in every bedroom with toiletries, treats and chocolate, loads and loads of chocolate!!! There was a tin next to my bed filled with bars of Cadbury's chocolate bars. Crunchies, flakes, twirls... what to choose each night as I sat in bed! We were made to feel ridiculously welcome and she has set the bar VERY high for a visit to Australia that she promises will happen at some stage in the future! She will have to give us plenty of warning so we get our spare room as inviting for her as she made hers for all of us!

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