Friday, October 27, 2006

Gardener Gareth + Pirate Tom!

Gareth had a friend to play this morning. He is known as Pirate Tom because he is rarely seen without one of his many pirate hats on his head! They had great fun helping me with some planting. We are trying to grow lots of plants in pots so that we can have an "instant garden" when we get to the new house. As you can see we are not doing too badly!

While I was encouraging the boys to water the plants with the new watering can I noticed Tom carrying over our foot pump. We usually use it to pump up paddling pools and footballs.

Gar and Tom were having a very serious conversation about how plants need water to grow....... and air to breathe.

They set about very seriously watering the plants and pumping air into the soil to help the plants grow big+ strong! Time will tell if they are onto something new! Watch this space!!!

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