Monday, October 09, 2006

House Build week 3: Slab gets poured!

It's another exciting week on Lot 179! Today our concrete "Slab" got poured. It is effectively a large concrete base that the house gets built on. It acts as a foundation and is the exact shape and size of the ground floor of our finished house. We are finally getting an idea of what rooms will be where etc.

Pipes are sticking out of the concrete where the bathrooms will be and we are trying to imagine ourselves lying in the spa bath. I think we should wait until a few walls go up before we get too carrried away!

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  1. Just read your instructions about leaving a comment so I'm giving it a go.
    Brilliant to see your news and pictures on the blog. It makes you all seem so close.
    The house building looks really exciting (and nerve racking at the same time!)
    Gina - you look like a natural sailor.
    Natalie and I send our love to you all.

  2. Have you picked paint colours yet? If you do it now it will give Byron time to psych himself up for Decorating! :)

  3. Decorating? I hadn't thought of that!