Friday, October 27, 2006

House Build week 6: windows and roof!

This week has brought yet more change to the structure of the house! The upstairs of the frame was completed early in the week.

By today all the windows and patio doors had been installed and most of the roof frame was in place!

We had a site meeting with the site supervisor this morning and he allowed us to wander around the inside to our hearts content.

The bricks have been delivered and the "brickies" start building the walls on Monday. Very exciting times! I took a video clip and have put it on the bottom of the blog for you to see.
Here's looking forward to another weeks progress....

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  1. looking good! you must be getting excited now that it's starting to take shape. great video. will have to check that out for my blog.

  2. Brilliant video. Great to see the house coming together. I think you might want to keep the Portaloo as a special feature in the garden.

  3. It more common than you might think to have an outdoor "Dunny" here in Oz!
    Think I might skip that attractive special garden feature!!!