Friday, October 13, 2006

House Build week 4: Frame arrives!

Well the slab has dried and the wood has been delivered for the next stage.

On Monday they will start to build a timber frame that is a skeleton of the final house. The brickwork will then be built up and around this frame.

It usually takes 1-2 weeks to assemble and then we really will have a good idea of the size and shape of all the rooms.

This next month should be very exciting as we will see the house "grow" out of the ground. I hope you will enjoy the updates!

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  1. Can't believe a year has passed and so much has happened! Great to see the house going up..Gina just ask the nice man to be quick about it will you!
    Delighted all is working out for you, though we still miss you all,
    can't wait to see you at Easter.
    PS sorry I haven't got your post forwarded's on it's way I promise. Tell Byron his subscription to the English rugby team mag is due for renewal...! Cathyxx

  2. Tell me about it!
    I am nagging them in my head and chanting positive mantras!!!!
    Don't even want to think about whether we have the keys before you arrive!!!