Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Guitar Countdown continued....

Less than a week to go and I have been working flat out trying to get my guitar ready for the launch party on Saturday night. I have been busy sanding the sides and making tiny repairs to some areas of the binding.

Strato contacted all the local papers in the hope that one of them might run an article on his workshop opening. One of the bigger papers The Herald sent a photographer around to the workshop yesterday morning and Strato and myself spent the next couple of hours bending wood over the blow torch and sanding and planing as the photographer clicked away.

Later that day I was interviewed about why I was on the course and how much was I enjoying it. It will be great if he article makes it into the paper this week as it will be free advertising for Strato and should help him to get in a new set of students to carry on when our group is finished.

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