Monday, November 05, 2007

Our house is quiet....

As most of you know, my folks have spent the last 3 months visiting us from Wales.

Last year they came for 3 weeks, this time it was 3 months, any bets on how long it will be next time?

I know they've had a fantastic time with us, and it was great having them here. Credit goes to them for being independent and willing to travel to far-flung destinations using public-transport. They've certainly seen more places in Australia than Gina or I have and they've met some very colourful characters.

Well, I took them back to the airport this weekend and waved them on their way back to the UK. Airports aren't pleasant places, and I felt pretty emotional seeing them off - not really knowing when I or the grandchildren will see them again. The kids have got very used to having them around, and yes, they've been spoilt but that's what grandparents excel at! It's been good having live-in babysitters too, being able to take Gina out at short notice, although my wine stocks have taken a serious hammering...

I'm not that good at mush or sentiment, but I'd also really like to thank everyone who took the time to welcome my parents. They enjoyed their visit so much, but they also enjoyed the terrific time spent with our friends here. I think that was one aspect of their journey they didn't expect and it made their trip even more special.

It was also good for my parents to see the kids being so fit and active, whether it was playing rugby, sailing, swimming, trampolining, body-boarding, skipping, fishing or cycling, they know for sure that this is an excellent place to bring young kids up. It was also great to see the relationship between them and the kids so easily re-kindled, and heart-warming to see the children cuddled up to them on the settee in the evening.

Enough already... we're glad you arrived safely back in Wales, but not so happy about the gap you've left in our daily lives, or the gap in my wine rack....

Come back soon.

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