Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy 5th Birthday Gareth!

This morning we woke with well deserved hangovers to a very excited 5 year old! (See the next blog if you are wondering why!)

Sian and Rhiannon had managed to keep Gareth occupied until about 7am but then the excitement was too much and he burst into our room. He has gone "Ben 10" mad. This is a cartoon character who can change into many different aliens with super powers.

All he wanted for his birthday from us was a Ben 10 character toy. As he unwrapped his presents he yelled with excitement as he discovered that Granny+Grandad Joe in Dublin and Nanny and Grandad in Wales had also got him some characters.

He was in no rush to open his gifts and wanted to have a good look at each toy and figure out which super powers it had before finally moving on to the next one.

He had his Birthday Party booked in Blackbutt Reserve. I knew we would be feeling a little seedy after last nights party at Maree and Johns so I had everything packed in boxes ready to go in the car. If I couldn't prepare it in advance (of the hangover) it wasn't happening! The only thing left to do was brew up a couple of flasks of fresh hot coffee and go.

When we arrived at Blackbutt it was a beautiful sunny day and we were lucky enough to get a picnic table in the shade.
As we unpacked all the boxes my heart sank. I had left the box with the coffee, Neurofen and sun hats at home... We would just have to muddle through without our hangover kit!
The day was a great success. The ranger walked Gareth and his friends around the animal enclosures.
The kids got to pet a Koala and a blue tongue lizard, go into the Wombat enclosure and feed the Emus.

They loved it and we finished off the party with the Super Hero cake.

Thank you to everyone for the cards, presents and phone calls on the day. You helped make it really special.

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  1. Belated Happy 5th birthday Gareth it looks like you really enjoyed it.I really like your presents & wish I could play with you and them. Love from Myles

  2. I just got your parcel and I loved my present. It is cool. I helped choose your present with my Dad. It is really cool. I wish I could come to your house and have a play of it!