Sunday, November 25, 2007

Party of the year!

We have just been to the most amazing party. Our friends Maree and John decided to throw a cocktail party for no particular reason, just for the sheer fun of it!

.....And do they know how to throw a party!!! It was black tie formal. Off we went and bought a dress suit for Byron. I got out my best dress and high heels, we booked a babysitter and we counted down the days.

The party was on Saturday night. We got a cab as neither of us had any intention of staying sober! We felt like we were walking onto a film set as we walked down the spiral staircase and took in the sight of all of our friends dressed up like royalty, decadent flower arrangements and candles burning everywhere!

We started with glasses of Champagne (the real thing, not just the cheap plonk we bring to tennis!) Then moved on to our first cocktail, "Sea-Breeze" After that the first tray of food was offered to us, fresh oysters with lime wedges. Next it was time for a "White-lady" followed by the biggest juiciest prawns I have ever tasted, served with juicy slices of mango.

Then came "Tequila Sunrise" with a huge platter of tender fillet beef sliced and served with a tangy horseradish sauce. The final Cocktail was a vivid blue drink invented by John. I hope I have the name right. It is called after his gorgeous wife Maree and uses his nickname which has always been "Blue" If I remember right (Things had got a little swimmy by now!) This signature drink was called "Marine Blue"

We had booked a cab to bring us home at 1am and we were the first to leave. We were so torn leaving when the party was still in full swing. The stories that we are hearing from friends have us jealous. The last guests got nudged towards the door close to 5am!

However we knew that we were waking to Gareth's 5th Birthday only a few hours later and needed to minimise our hangovers. Minimise is the word. I still have a stonking headache and am grateful we stopped when we did! I didn't bring my camera with me but our friend Annette brought her proper one and took all the great photos that you can see on this blog.

A huge Thank You to you John and Maree. We will be talking about this party for years to come!

Do you think it might be an annual event!


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  1. Nice change to see you all looking so smart