Saturday, April 26, 2008

Birthday cake rescued!

If you read the "Birthday cake disaster" blog 2 stories down you will know that last night I wasn't having a very good time in the kitchen. After the kids went to bed out came the weighing scales and all the ingredients again.

Second time around the cake actually came out of the tin in one piece and I opened a bottle of red and sat down with Mr B to chill out while the cake cooled down. This morning Rhiannon and Sian helped to create a masterpiece using a tin of boysenberries (like raspberries) a big container of cream, a block of chocolate, icing flowers and colourful sprinkles!

Every time we thought it was finished Rhiannon thought of "just one more thing" extra to put on top!

Only one problem now.... how to transport it on the 25 minute car journey without it slipping and sliding off my knee on the way !

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