Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Citizenship ceremony.

Tomorrow morning is very important day for us as a family. It is the day that we will become Australian citizens. We have been invited to attend a ceremony where the citizenship will be granted to us as a family.

The kids are going to go dressed in their school uniforms and we plan on going for a coffee together afterwards before sending them into school for the second half of the day.

We had an unexpected visitor this afternoon: Monica and kids with a parcel of Australian treats for us! When we unwrapped the Australian tea towel we found lots of goodies inside... Vegemite (I just CANT stand the smell of the stuff!) A jigsaw puzzle with 5 kangaroos on it (all aptly assigned names of our family!) TimTam biscuts (I CAN stand the taste of these!) Cadburys chocolate (Ditto) Allens chewy Minties (Ditto again!) and some Australian stickers!

Thank you Monica for being so thoughtful and funny.

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