Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rhiannons Birthday Party.

We spent the second half of Rhiannon's Birthday at her ice-skating party. First we met her friends at Mc Donald's for lunch and the birthday cake then on to the ice-skating rink for an afternoon of mad skating fun.

It was a great laugh. We left Byron in charge of minding all our stuff on the side-lines as Mr B and ice-skating has dislocated shoulder written all over it!

In the final half hour I found myself skating around and around the rink with at least 4 screaming little girls hanging off me.

Minutes before the session ended the ice-rink was emptying and I asked the girls to let me have one skate around by myself. I asked them all who thought I could skate really fast without falling. None of them had faith in my abilities. Off I went and felt the thrill of the speed building up faster and faster. I allowed myself to believe I was in the wrong profession and should be in the forthcoming Olympics. That was seconds before I felt the wobble.... then the slow motion falling like a sack of potatoes onto the hard ice while four little faces looked on in disbelief and then pure hilarious laughter. As I tried picking myself up with a bruised backside and ego I looked up at the stands hoping that Byron, Anne, Kel, Anne, Angelina and Karen might not have been watching...... No such luck! Thank God the camera batteries had given up the ghost earlier in the day!

The day ended with three shattered tired but happy kids. Rhiannon had a ball and said it was her best Birthday EVER! Thanks to everyone who made it special by sending cards, parcels, ringing or spending the day with us. Rhiannon is one very lucky little 8 year old!

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