Saturday, April 12, 2008

"Look Mum, no training wheels!"

After a fun day at the park cycling with his friends yesterday Gareth suddenly announced that he was ready to try cycling without his training wheels/stabilizers. He has point blank refused to have a go before now so we agreed that we would seize the moment, get up at the crack of dawn this morning, pack a picnic breakfast and go down to the local park to have a go.

At 6.30am I heard a knock at the bedroom door. There was Gareth, dressed and ready to go!

An hour later and the bike was in the boot minus training wheels. We unloaded everything at a picnic table and just as I was about to pour the first coffee we realised that Gareth's helmet was still in the house.

I headed home and returned 10 minutes later to see a little boy in the distance wobbling and weaving as his legs peddled furiously! He had made a great start.

By the end of the morning he was still wobbling but getting better.

Good boy Gar!

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