Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Adventures with Jane

A day out with Jane is normally fun. You see I don't think Jane ever quite grew up. She can be responsible, sensible, a pillar of strength when needed but she can also be the most funny, wacky person who knows how to have fun and makes everyone around her laugh too. She told us she was bringing us on an adventure.

We were to meet her at a local car park at 9.30am with backpacks, water, sunscreen, swimmers, walking shoes and hats. It was a scorcher of a day. We arrived at the car park to find another two families all waiting for Jane. We drove in convoy behind Jane's car and arrived at a reserve called Glenrock Lagoon.

The kids searched for big branches to use as walking sticks and off we went.

We walked for 2.5 Km through a forest, climbing over tree roots, across bridges, down steep steps.

At the end of the walk we walked out of the forest onto an amazing beach.

White sand, HUGE waves crashing onto the shore. We sat and ate our picnics and stood with the kids in the breaking waves until we were all drenched from the waves.

Eventually it was time to start the walk back to the car. The kids were great.

By the end they were falling on their feet with tiredness and every water bottle was dry.

They did so well to go on such a huge walk on such a hot day. It really was great fun. But then with Jane it always was going to be an adventure!

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