Saturday, January 03, 2009

Sad day.

It was a sad morning today in our house.

Rhiannon went outside in her pyjamas first thing this morning to check on the guinea pigs. She ran back in in tears crying out that Bambi was dead. She was inconsolable. We had to wake Sian to tell her the sad news. There were lots of tears. We spent time digging a hole in the flower garden and buried her. The kids picked flowers and lay them in with Bambi then Sian rang her friend Gemma.

When Gemma came over she brought a posy of lavender from her garden that she had picked and wrapped a ribbon around. They laid the flowers on Bambi's grave.

I guess it is a lesson learned that having a pet brings good times and sad ones too. We just didn't expect to have to deal with this so soon after getting them.

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  1. Oh my goodness, we are very sad to hear about poor Bambi, hope you are all ok. Thelavender posy looked very beautiful and peaceful.
    Thinking of you auntie Jul xxx