Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Work V's Play

It is that long School holiday time again where the kids are off on their summer holidays and don't return to school until the end of January.

I can't work in the day time like I do when they are at school but I am lucky to have the chance to work short shifts in the evening. Byron gets in from work about 5 and by 5.15 I have to be driving to the hospital. It doesn't leave much time for chatting and catching up or for relaxed family meals but at least I can squeeze in about 20 hours work a week and the kids are never in paid childcare. I waver between thinking this is a great shift and hating it depending on how busy a day we have had and how hot it is outside.

It has been SO HOT recently that I cannot bear to put my uniform on as I am cooking tea and Mr B walks in the door to find me wandering around the kitchen in a state of half dress. He has a twinkle in his eye until I give him the evil one and tell him if he comes within arms reach of me I will hit him with the frying pan!

I usually finish up about 9pm but on three nights over the last week I have been asked to work late with last night being the worst, at 11pm I finally got to leave. It is pretty eary walking through the hospital and car park so late.

I won't be complaining tomorrow hopefully as it will be my first pay check on the new Registered Nurse rate. Just $5 an hour more than being a porter but hopefully it will add up!

I better go, I am still only half dressed, the dinner is only half ready and I need to find the frying pan...!

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