Friday, January 02, 2009

Meet you in Avoca?

Avoca is a beautiful place in Ireland. It has gorgeous coffee shops and is my families favourite place to go for an afternoon of indulgance. Mum and Dad have asked us to stop buying them "things" at birthdays and Christmas and instead to treat them to vouchers to the cinema, a local theatre or Avoca!

Today we went and had coffee at Avoca.

Oh how I wish it was with Mum, Dad and Carrie in Ireland! But no, it was the Australian namesake on the central coast between Newcastle and Sydney.

It was a pretty stunning location. We had a lovely lunch from a deli by the beach.
We decided (in our infinite wisdom) that when our friends Gar and Lesley emigrate here later this year they should base themselves here for their first couple of weeks while they decide between starting their new life in Sydney or Newcastle.

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