Monday, September 06, 2010

Old meets New..

I took my camera to Sydney with me yesterday and took a few photos. We wandered through some quiet backstreets in an area called "The Rocks"

Rhiannon had recently been on a school excursion to this area and we asked her to be our tour guide. She told us about how the convicts were used to build many of the old buildings and that they made the concrete using sand from the beaches. She pointed out lots of little shells dotted in the mortar between the big sandstone rocks.

As we walked alongside the walls and ran our hands over their rough texture I closed my eyes and imagined those first settlers working in the harsh Australian heat lifting backbreaking slabs of rocks and building the city that we walked around today. Then I opened my eyes and spotted the most gorgeous window sat in a deep recess. I talked Sian into posing for the camera and loved the end result.

Those poor men working back in 1815. If they could have looked 200 years into the future what would they have thought? Would they have been frustrated by us living our easy lives and would they have whipped Sian into shape and got her doing some real hard labour or would they be proud that their work stands strong to be enjoyed by us today...

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  1. Ive recently looked up my ancestry and found out im a direct decent to 2 convicts from the first fleet and they had the first white baby born on Australian soil. I was prety excited! I too imagine how life was for them back then... and i think they would be shocked at society today!

  2. That's an interesting point of view. Maybe they won't begrudge this generation it's happiness. They did initiate the road to it after all.

  3. Glad I get to sit in front of a computer and peek in at what these poor souls did 200 years ago.

    And what their descendants are doing today.

  4. Look at that sassy pose! What would our ancestors think of us today? Mine were definitely not in Australia. I know that much.