Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Rachel's Birthday Video ft. Hugh Jackman & NZ PM John Key

This video is amazing. It hit the media here in Australia this week. I'm not sure if you live outside of Australia that you will have heard about it so I thought I would blog it to share.

Here is the background...

Sydneysider Kristian Anderson, 35, has been having chemotherapy since he was diagnosed with cancer in October 2009. He made the video for his wife of seven years, Rachel, as a birthday present and a thank-you for her support.

The video features cameos by New Zealand Prime Minister John Key -- since Rachel is a Kiwi -- and Hugh Jackman, who appeared in the video after Kristian asked Triple M's The Grill presenter Gus Worland for help.

It sure makes me appreciate having Byron and myself in good health. I guess you never know what the future will hold. For now this video makes me want to live every day to the max.

If you want to visit Kristian's blog to read more about his family and his battle with bowel cancer just click here.

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  1. So sad, and what a beautiful video to his wife! I will add him to my prayer list! Thank yo for sharing Gina!

  2. OOps Gina... above post is me! Diana!

  3. I discovered this last week and put it on my facebook page... its gorgeous isnt it. Lucky Rachel!!

  4. That is the sweetest thing ever... and it definitely has some tears streaming down my face right now!

  5. Oh Gina I am bawling over here, that is just lovely.

  6. A beautiful and poignant video, I get excited if my husband leaves me a note .. :-) I found a little note tucked into our bed when I returned from my trip and he had left for his trip with work.

    I cannot imagine a video, what a very very thoughtful caring man.