Friday, September 24, 2010

Watch this space!

Rhiannon is our middle daughter. She is the mad arty one. The one who dances to her own tune wearing mismatching stripy socks and whatever other colourful clothes she can get her hands on!

Not surprisingly she was chosen as one of three kids from her class to go on an " Art Appreciation Day"
She was told to bring a frame with her to bring home her finished piece of art work. She very proudly brought home this....

I think it reflects her colourful nature. You never know, you may just be visiting this masterpiece in a gallery near you some day. You can say you knew her when she was just starting her career!

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  1. I think it is amazing .. yes I think it does reflect her personality :-) a future artist in the making !!

  2. I love bright colors and orange is my favorite...I love her artpiece :)

  3. Very nice....I love how she captured everything in her work. I have a couple of pieces from each of my daughter's framed and hanging in the house. I think they look better than anything I could have purchased! :)

  4. What an incredibly cheerful piece! How can your mood not brighten when you look at this?!

  5. Wow, I am impressed! Can I hang it in my house? It looks sooo happy. xo,Gina

  6. I love it too!! Great job! It is on my bucket list~ to paint on canvas on day! I want to be like Bob Ross, do you know of him? "Paint a little tree friend right over here"!!! He taught painting on tv, and was so soft spoken! He made it look like ANYONE could just start with him and paint the same beautiful art he would produce in the time it took for the show to be over! Oh to dream...

  7. Wow that is brilliant, well done R.

  8. Wow that is brilliant, well done R.

  9. Lovely painting! So colorful and cheery! I'm curious to know what her inspiration was.

  10. that's awesome she did a great job