Sunday, September 12, 2010

Spring has sprung!

Sing Hallelujah, the sun has re-appeared!

After weeks and weeks of Australian winter I am severely lacking in vitamin D and my Irish skin is looking pasty as a bottle of cows milk. When we emigrated here I left behind all our winter clothing and gloves, hats, scarves etc because we were moving to the land of eternal sunshine. No-one told me that I might still need a credit card to scrape the ice off my car in the morning. No-one told me that Australians needed woolly jumpers. I thought I would wear t-shirts and sarongs 52 weeks of the year. I learned the truth fast enough and went shopping.

This weekend we got a sneak preview of what the coming weeks have to offer. Spring arrived in all it's sunshiny glory. We sat outside for lunch on Saturday and watched Byron cooking sausages on the barbie. We sipped ice-cold Irish cider from glasses with beads of condensation rolling down the sides. The kids bounced on the trampoline in their swimmers and tipped watering cans of cold water over each other to squeals of delight. We jumped in the car and went for a long walk on the beach. After a day in the sunshine Byron's skin has miraculously changed to bronze. I swear it looks like he had been at my fake tan. My skin still glows like newly fallen snow but I'm smiling again. I feel the energy. I found my mojo. I even brewed up some more green tea and retrieved my Pilates DVD from the trash can and gave it another go.

I love you Spring. Bring it on baby!

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  1. Well thank goodness the trash doesn't get picked up often so you cuold save the DVD!
    Gina, you are such a delight. I'm putting your blog in my reader so that I can enjoy your serenity as often as you share with us.
    PS: Thanks for the sweet comments. I do like A&P, but sometimes I prefer the other stuff in my life just a bit more.

  2. Good to hear Gina! Enjoy the sunshine!

  3. Oh Gina that sounds just lovely. We actually had a nice summer this year over here and I am dreading the cold winter nights coming in. Best wishes.

  4. Hello Gina .. I have been chatting to a twitter friend of mine and he has just come back from Australia.. he said he just missed floods in his area, but it was so cold when he was there!

    Thank you for your lovely comment :-) oh I did feel flat on my return , worse than usual .. I am sure it will all come back and as you say when I get into my photos. :-) I will share them ♥

  5. Yes, thanks to silly shows like Home and Away overseas visitors get a rude shock when they realise we actually do have a winter and its quite cold! Spring is my favourite time its just gorgeous.

  6. I love how you describe things.I am glad it is spring in your part of the world!! :) Thanks for visiting my blog as well!

  7. can't wait for heat and sunshine and I'm thinking bring on the cold and clouds. :)

  8. Wahoo for spring. I love watching the world wake back up after winter. It's always so fun to read your posts and be reminded that while the world is winding down and closing up for winter here, it is reawakening somewhere else :)

  9. We're enjoying a lingering bit of summer right now, but I know the crisp autumn weather is on it's way.
    I love the beautifully descriptive way you write -- it makes me feel as though I'm right there experiencing Australia rather than just reading about it on the screen.