Friday, November 05, 2010

10:10:10 revisited!

Here is a photo that got away. I found it when I was looking through some photos today. We had a picnic day with friends to celebrate 10:10:10. Even though it was still just Spring the kids all had their swimmers in the car and decided that it was a perfect day to swim in the lake. They were brave or foolish depending on your viewpoint!

This is one of my favourites as Gareth jumped off the end of the jetty with our friends!

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  1. Hey sweet girl,
    Love this photo! Glad ya'll are doing fabulous! I love being able to "peak" into your life from time to time. I miss the daily chatter but enjoy keeping abreast via your blog. Have a great weekend! xo,Gina

  2. It is chilly this morning as I read this and the thought of going into that water makes me shiver. :) Great capture!