Wednesday, November 24, 2010

All in good taste.

Tomorrow my gorgeous boy will be 8

In the traditions of our family he gets to choose the menu for tomorrow nights family meal.

Following the last few months of Junior Masterchef he has been trying new and exotic foods. He has been open to tastes and flavours that he would have refused a year ago. 

I wondered what he would choose.

Tandoori chicken and prawn pizza?

Salmon and caper fettuccine?

Rack of lamb with herb crust?

Here is his choice.....

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  1. Happy Birthday to Gareth! Can't go wrong with the beans!

  2. Happy Birthday Gar, hope you have a great day. Cant believe you are 8!!! Make sure Mum and Dad treat you like a King!!!!
    Love and Hugs
    Charlotte, Ross, Josie and Stef

    ps Hope you like your present when it arrives!!! xxx

  3. Love this! Happy Birthday to Gareth (and Happy Birth Day to you, Gina!)