Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cook-Along madness.

The Masterchef Cook-Along was great! The program started at 7.30pm and we had everything laid out on plates ready to bake. The kids were on the edge of their seats watching the first half of the show and waiting for the real action to begin. When it did there was a flurry of mixing and taking turns, passing the mixing bowl from one to another. Licking spoons, talking over the tv, missing bits of instructions and having to shhhhh and catch up! It was fast paced and it took our 6 pairs of hands to work as a team until the puddings came out of the oven.

They smelt, good, they looked amazing, they heaven! It was fun stopping to imagine all the other kids that were scattered around Australia and tucking in to this warm, chocolate, nutty delight at the same time as us. By the time the bowls were scraped clean it was gone past the kids bedtimes so they ran upstairs to brush teeth and jump into bed with the memories of hazelnut chocolate puddings still fresh in their heads.

I got left with this....!

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  1. This is such a cool thing! I bet ya'll had a blast. Well, except for you getting stuck with the dishes!

  2. oh my gosh, as you were talking, I was getting hotter and hotter just thinking about the mess afterwards. I am glad you had a good time otherwise...that would have not made for a happy Momma.

  3. What a great experience! (Well, not the cleaning up aspect of it...) That pudding sounds absolutely divine!