Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy again.

Our remaining little Guinea Pig Tigger has been very withdrawn and has been pining hiding in the bedroom of her hutch. She won't interact with us and is only eating small amounts. I encouraged the kids to cuddle her and give her lots of attention. Rhiannon took her role very seriously and climbed in to the grass run with her and brought her homework with her. She spent the next hour there keeping Tigger company while doing her school work.

Yesterday evening Byron came home from work a little later than usual. He had a cardboard box under his arm. Without consultation with anyone else he decided we needed a playmate for Tigger and so now we have a new addition to the family. She is a tiny 6 week old guinea pig that the kids have named Ivy. They are overjoyed to have this fluffy little fur ball to fuss over and it really has cheered up Tigger who runs up and down the ramp in her hutch with the baby following her every move. Her appetite is back and she is now scoffing carrots and grass again and looking perky.

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  1. Byron Baynham - you big softy - what a beautiful thing to do - yoú're a great dad.

    PS Is this the same Byron who was initially not keen on getting a pet?

  2. sweet and perfect! Everybody needs a pal!

  3. Such great news! Byron is a such a sweetheart!!

  4. So very sweet! (And so very, very cute!)