Thursday, June 09, 2011

Band Concert.

Rhiannon came home from school a few weeks ago with news of an exciting band excursion. They were looking for parents to volunteer to drive the kids to it. I used to work every Wednesday and was never available to help with band but now my work days are different and so Rhiannon volunteered me to be a driver. 

When I asked her where I was going to be transporting kids and instruments to she told me "Dubbo" 

Now I am not overly knowledgeable about my Australian geography but I have heard of Dubbo. All 6 hours drive away! So there I am thinking that I might be driving 4 kids and an assortment of instruments 6 hours there and 6 hours back???  Rhiannon came home the next week with a bit more info. Apparently the kids from the Dubbo school were travelling to this area to meet up with our school and another school that was located only about 30mins drive away. The other school were hosting the band workshop day and we were invited to join in. 

Gareth polished up his trumpet and Rhiannon practised the clarinet and off we went to Kotara. The kids had great fun being a part of a much larger group of instruments than they normally have access to. The first half of the day there was a workshop and then after lunch a concert. 
Some of the performance they just sat in amongst the senior kids and listened, other pieces of music they were a part of. From where I sat I had a reasonable view of Gareth but Rhiannon was hidden away from sight. I managed to do a small video clip of Gareth giving it his all. He really seemed to be enjoying himself. It's only a small file and best not to stretch it to full screen but I hope it gives an idea of what fun they had. 

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  1. They sound great Gina:) It's great that you were able to go with your children this year and see them perform, they would have enjoyed you being there. xo

  2. Singing do wa ditty... Love it! Molly is about to start violin lessons... I can't wait to see this! Sarah plays piano. Nothing better than music! Great job kids!

  3. What a great experience for your kids, and for you as well. These are the kind of memories that you will cherish in the future...

  4. Hi Gina, yes we had noticed the similar uniforms too! Unfortunately she'll have to trade it in for a yellow summer uniform - with yellow socks, gah! - when she leaves the Infants School at the end of the year. At least the boys uniform stayed the same so no3 Boy wore the same except for a yellow band on his socks.
    I'm doing this sitting at The Con while 2 of mine are having piano lessons. Music is such a great thing for kids. Glad you didn't have to trek to Dubbo!
    Sandra x