Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sleeping like a baby...

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  1. Awww. So precious.

  2. Moving. We are never the same after our little ones are born: love, tenderness, warmth and vulnerability.

  3. They look so beautiful and peaceful when they're sleeping. xo

  4. Hi! I am the husband and father of my wife's blog that you follow...Crickleberry Cottage Conversations. I wanted to ask if you would mind if I copied this saying off your blog and posted it on my facebook with my precious angel. I think this is absolutely the most beautiful saying I've ever heard since being able to experience the miracle of life myself. I absolutely love this picture and just want to squeeze him to death and I haven't even met you guys...Love your blog. Thanks for making me smile while working the night shift!

  5. No problem Jim,
    I found this quote when I did a search on quotes for sleeping children to go with this photo. There is something very innocent about a child fast asleep. Especially cuddled up in a parents arms. I love Wendy's blog. You seem to have a very happy family. Hope the night shift passes quickly...

  6. Hey Gina!
    My wife told me you responded. Thanks so much for the response. You guys also seem like such a wonderful family. I can't imagine anything different from Australia. I was in Perth when in the Navy during Desert Storm and the country and people were the best I've ever met. If I ever had to leave the U.S. for whatever reason...Australia's where I'd go I've always said!